Two Can Sail

The 5 Step Plan to Buy a Boat to Go Cruising

Table of Contents


1. Why the Five Step Plan is designed for couples
2. What couples need to know to buy a boat to go cruising
3. How long should it take to complete the Five Steps

STEP 1 Sample the Lifestyle, Learn to Sail

1. Why you need to sample the lifestyle before you buy
2. How your perspective will change with life aboard
3. Male and female different points of view
4. What you should learn on your first live aboard cruise
5. How to choose a school to take formal sailing lessons

Checklist Step 1

STEP 2 Get Time on the Water

1. What you can do to get more sea time
2. Chartering on your own and visiting new places
3. Learning how to be Captain
4. Getting to know a boat that is new to you
5. The 10 things to test on charter that will help you choose the right
boat to buy
6. New destinations to explore and what you can learn

Checklist Step 2

STEP 3 Buy the Right Boat

1. How to choose and buy the right boat
2. The factors to consider before yo ushop for the boat
3. Top 10 interior, exterior, electronic features
4. Insurance and financing your dream boat
5. What you need to know about the purchase process
6. Why you should choose a broker and surveyor
7. The next 10 things you need to do

Checklist Step 3

STEP 4 Learn Your Boat

1. How to get familiar with your boat
2. Understanding your boat's systems and equipment
3. What you need to know about Chartplotters, VHF, etc
4. Safety equipment, a guide
5. What you should know about outboard and dinghy
6. Test you knowledge on this systems checklist
7. Recommended cruising equipment list
8. Checklist to see if you are ready to go
9. How to select vendors to work on your boat

Checklist Step 4

STEP 5 Get Advanced Training

1. The additional training you need
2. Why you need navigation training
3. Navigation skills checklist
4. Why you want to learn how to interpret weather
5. Test you weather knowledge with this checklist

Checklist Step 5


1. Example of a couples first voyage
2. Samples of couples out cruising
3. A review of the Five Step Plan
4. What our client's say about us
5. About the authors

Two Can Sail Yacht Sales & Service, Inc.

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