Step Two

Get Cruising Experience

Bareboat chartering with a flotilla
We have found many of the students completing their Bareboat Charter course (104) find they still do not have the sea time aboard as Captains to feel comfortable doing a solo charter. With a Flotilla, you have the advantage of having guides and the other boats to help you with any issues that may arise on your first time sailing as a team on your own. Jeff & Jean lead Flotillas for the ASA and other organizations. Check our Flotillas & Events page for our next Flotilla.

Catamarans are chartered at a premium rate and it is often expensive to charter one on your own. So, during the year, team Jeff & Jean offer Try A Cat sailings  chartering a Catamaran so that couples thinking of trying a multihull can get hands on practice without the expense of going it alone. The yacht will be shared with other like minded sailors and we will review the pro's and con's of different brands of Catamarans as well as the Cat versus monohull questions.

Bareboat chartering on your own in Class 1 locales (e.g. BVI) Moorings/Sunsail rate their destinations based on the level of challenge to sail in each of the venues, and they will determine if your skill level matches the destination. The ratings are 1 to 3 with 1 being the easiest. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is where most charter since, though rated a 1, it is really almost a zero! Chartering also provides the opportunity to sail different types of boats and learn which design features best fit your desired style of cruising.