Book 5 Step Plan

The 5 Step Plan to Buy a Boat to Go Cruising

Written By Captains Jeff Grossman & Jean Levine, AMS

Pick the most idyllic picture from one of those sailing magazines you have piled on your coffee table. Now, imagine yourself in that picture.

Two Can Sail was written to help ensure you are in that picture and that you are still smiling long after the photo is taken. Adapt our Five Step Plan to your sailing style and goals and you can enjoy sunset cocktails, at anchor, in you own cruising boat off the island of your choice.

Here is a sample of what you will discover in this book:
1)        How to choose and buy the right boat to go cruising
2)        The factors to consider before you shop for the boat.
3)        The top 10 interior, exterior, and electronic features you want.
4)        The next 10 things you need to do after you buy the boat.
5)        How your perspective will change with life aboard.

OMG! You bought a Boat! We explain how to get familiar with your boat, her equipment and systems. The biggest secret about moving aboard is: it's not about the sailing, it's about the systems. Two Can Sail helps you sort it all out. A straight forward Checklist at the end of each and every Step will help you focus your time on what you need to learn. Next to each Checklist is a Resources List to help you find where to learn what you didn't check off the list.

Many couples have followed these 5 Steps and are now living the dream and are happily cruising. Maybe you will meet them out there someday!

Two Can Sail
Two Can Sail
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