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Two Can Sail Couples Cruising Seminar Details

Annapolis (US Boat Show)
October 2024


Seminar Highlights

This Five Step Plan is a suggestion for charting your route to your cruising sailing goals. Of course, this route highlights where Two Can Sail can help you meet the milestones (or waypoints as we nautically call them) along the way. We believe that you will find the cruising lifestyle highly rewarding and following this Five Step Plan will allow you both to cruise anywhere in the world with confidence and enjoyment.

Look at the trade offs between Catamaran and Monohulls for Couples. Learn what unique qualities make a boat easy and safe for just the two of you. In addition get insight on what to look for when selecting the equipment list. Along with suggestions on how much more you will need to budget to modify or add equipment to set the boat up for short handed sailing.

Owners of Antigua Marine Survey & Consulting, Inc. together they specialize in yacht selection, surveying and outfitting blue water sailing yachts. Jeff & Jean combined have over 60 years of sailing experience from Maine to Texas, Mexico and the Caribbean. Both are USCG Captains and together instruct couples on the cruising life. They will guide you on your maintenance list how you can divide the management of the modern day cruising yacht. You will be provided with a guide to creating your own maintenance checklist so that you can remember to do the service and prevent being stuck paying for expensive repairs.

Jeff & Jean as Captains have safely sailed more than one hundred fifty different model yachts of various brands and sizes on both coastal and offshore passages and pride themselves on the uneventful voyage. They will discuss various scenarios of emergencies at sea, how making a plan of action can prevent panic and save lives. You will learn how to map out a training plan to safely prepare you for sailing at night, open water passages and bad weather.

Award-winning author Liza Copeland has cruised 116,000 miles with visits to 114 countries. Four best-selling books recount a circumnavigation with her young family, a cruise around North and Central America and a realistic 'how-to' text Cruising for Cowards. She writes for several magazines and gives frequent talks at major boat shows, clubs and for other organizations, she loves to inform and inspire others to embrace the cruising lifestyle. Liza will share her voyage photos and experience and show you how to comfortably cruise.

Though questions will be fielded throughout the day, this is your opportunity to pick the brains of the experts. We will also have couples that are Seminar graduates and are at different stages of starting their cruising

lives providing perspectives closer to your own experience levels.

Jeff & Jean
Team Jeff & Jean
Two Can Sail Yacht Sales & Service, Inc.
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